Protective housing for ID code reader Keyence SR-2000(W)

In this section you will find helpful information about your protective housing.

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Assembly instructions

How to install a Keyence ID code reader SR-2000(W) in your protective housing is explained in the following video:

The intended installation position of the protective housing is vertical, i.e. the cable glands should be at the lower end. Please note that with other installation positions, optimum temperature control and dehumidification of the protective glass cannot be guaranteed! of the protective glass is not guaranteed!

The protective housing has a self-regulating heating circuit, the connection of the prepared 5m connection cable to a customer-side supply must be carried out by qualified electrical personnel!

Electrical data Housing heater:
Voltage: 24VDC
Power consumption: max. 30W (= max. 1.25A)
Connection L+: Wire 1
Connection M: Wire 2

The protective housing can and should be permanently supplied with voltage. In the event of a break in operation of the vehicle, a heating phase must be expected after the heating supply is switched on again. the protective glass may mist up depending on the ambient temperature or humidity.

Detailed manufacturer description of PFLITSCH GmbH & Co. KG for the separable cable gland

Cleaning instructions

A commercially available glass cleaner and a "lint-free" cloth are suitable for cleaning the protective glass. Water and foaming alkaline cleaning agents used for cleaning vehicles will not cause any damage to the protective housing. damage to the protective housing. Please do not use any aggressive cleaning agents (e.g. acetone) to clean your protective housing as this may damage the lotus coating of the protective glass (optional version)!


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