Customer: feno GmbH, Oberhaching
Project: Automation cable soldering process

Automation concept

The concept serves only to illustrate the element arrangement, details may differ from the later design status and the actual implementation.

Version history:

23-03-26, v1.2
-station 2: 2nd unwind for cable reel
-Station 3: Soldering package HTT Group / Japanunix integrated (commercial process)
-Station 6: Blow pulse replaced by suction pulse

23-03-15, v1.1
Printer, laser stripper, palletizer, blank feeder 2-lane + tape hopper.
Blank feeder 1-lane Fa. Asyril + hopper, palletizing robot RV-13, laser feeder, lateral position correction flat cable inserter, exhaust system for soldering laser, enclosure for soldering laser, Z-correction focus for soldering laser.
Removal robot RH-6 > RH-12 (larger trays)

22-12-01, v1.0: Fully automated soldering system
In the simplified representation of the first version, the following details were not yet shown:
-Station 1: second feeder, NIO container
-Station 2: laser protective housing, laser source and scan optics, exhaust system, handling, interlock actuation
-Station 3: soldering laser + control unit
-Station 4: optical inspection (camera / data matrix reader)
-station 5: interlock actuation
-Station 6: blow-out device

Station 1: Feasibility of feeding parts by means of a feeder

Version history:

23-01-19, v1.0: Feasibility test with original material at Asyril (CH)