Customer: feno GmbH, Oberhaching
Project: Automation light guide production

Automation concept

22-09-20, v1.3: Fully automated fiber optics production in universal design, new and changed details / features see offer

22-04-29, v1.2: Partially automated light guide production in universal design, scope reduced to automatic defoiling. New: Buffer magazine in front of the infeed for stocking >=500 light guides.

22-03-31, v1.1: Fully automated fibre-optic cable production in universal design (new), features of concept v1.0 included

+ verschiedene Lichtleiter-Typen möglich (Breite 25…50mm, Länge 200…500mm, Dicke < 5mm)

+ End-Of-Line image processing system with automatic reject function for bad parts

22-01-31, v1.0: Fully automated light guide production single type 218x24x1,2mm

Offline simulation robot

22-04-01, v1.1, Station 3 palletizing (change of belts to reduce space)

22-03-22, v1.0, Station 3 palletizing

22-03-22, v1.0, Station 2 Defoliation

22-03-22, v1.0, Station 1 laser cutter